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Molly Grup is a luminary in the world of interior design, renowned for her endearing personality, grace, and unwavering commitment to excellence. With over two decades of experience, Molly's journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of timeless elegance and functional beauty.

For 21 years, Molly honed her craft executing timeless interiors in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Naples, Florida, before making the bold decision to join Carrie Brigham in the pursuit of innovation and growth. Now serving as Design Director, Molly effortlessly guides clients through every stage of the design process, from concept to completion, with a discerning eye and unparalleled professionalism.

Throughout her impressive career, Molly has cemented relationships with the most prominent architects and custom builders in Southwest Florida and beyond. Her collaborative approach and impeccable taste have earned her numerous awards and accolades for design excellence, solidifying her reputation as a trusted leader and visionary in the industry.

What truly sets Molly apart is her unwavering commitment to creating spaces that transcend trends, focusing instead on enduring appeal and livability. Her design philosophy revolves around quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each space she crafts is not only visually stunning but also eminently livable.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of Molly's ethos, and she approaches every project with dedication and precision, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and creativity. Her illustrious portfolio speaks volumes, boasting a series of sophisticated and high-profile design projects that continue to captivate and inspire.

As Design Director of Carrie Brigham Design, Molly leads with grace and poise, infusing each space with her signature style and attention to detail. Her deep understanding of materiality allows her to seamlessly integrate classic elements into modern contexts, creating environments that are both refined and cohesive.

Carrie Brigham herself, inspired by Molly's talent and integrity, is elated that Molly has chosen to bring her talents to her firm. With Molly, Carrie Brigham Design continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, creating spaces with elegance and sophistication.

Meet Molly Grup

Meet Molly Grup